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strategic reserves of oil. >> treasury secretary geithner testified thursday before a u.s. senate committee. he said united states is ready to coordinate closely with international financial institutions such as world bank to extend support to middle east and north african nations. >>> now to new zealand. the grim search for survivors of last week's devastating in christchurch continued -- earthquake in christchurch continued on friday. authorities say the search is focused on the collapsed building where many people are believe to be trapped. 163 people have been confirmed dead in the quake. the number of dead and missing is expected to total about 220. police are trying to identify the remains of those recovered. a japanese rescue team along with teams from new zealand and china, continue search operations at the site of the collapsed ctv building. it housed a language school attended by international students, including japanese. a disaster relief task force says work to remove debris at the site is nearing its end. >> we expect the ctv operation to be completed within the next two to th
in tripoli. a u.s. official tells cnn the protesters are well armed and could carry on the fight for some time. that means tanks and antiaircraft guns. >> what war? what war? then we will die. >> everybody using guns before the people. anybody makes a small move, they kill them. >> the heavy fighting caused them to flee for the border. it's causing a humanitarian crisis. many are in tent cities in the tunisian border. police arrived yesterday to try to help the situation. let's get back to tripoli. it's the stronghold and the scene for the fiercest battles we have seen. cnn international correspondent knick robertson joins me. good morning to you. you spoke with gadhafi's son late last night. does he think his father still has control of the country? >> reporter: he thinks his father has control and is going to hold on. the objective is for the army to take complete control before they get into any political reforms and steps to meet the demands of the armed opposition. what's happening 40 miles from here he said is hugely important. it's important because it's going to stronghold rebels
victories, but there's growing concern in the u.s. about who the opposition really is and if they could actually be worse than moammar gadhafi. >>> in the u.s., several states inundated with floodwaters are about to get hit again. we'll tell you just how bad it is going to get. >>> and saving big bucks with online coupons. yes, now we have your interest. we'll show you how to cash in. >>> we begin with a story that has an impact on every household in america. soaring gas prices. the unrest in libya is helping fuel that surge. since yesterday, you're paying on average two cents more for a gallon of regular unleaded. the national average, $3.49. and this is going to shock you. this time last year, the average price for that same gallon of gasoline was $2.72. higher gas prices are tied to the jump in the price of oil. it's above $104 a barrel right now. investors are worried about supply disruption if the unrest in north africa and the middle east keeps spread iing. the fight for libya is now in its 19th day. the violence escalating every hour. rebels capture ras lanuf. but forces loyal to
, virginia, connecticut, and rhode island, since 1997. finally, today, a tip led u.s. marshals to the rest of aaron thomas at his home in connecticut. detectives say a cigarette butt matched the dna found at crime scenes. >> it was anonymous caller. they were able to put some information themselves. both of these things: that the same time. >> at least 17 women have been a great by the man known as the east coast rapist. the first was in maryland in 1997. a man on a bicycle raped a woman as she walked home from work. the most recent known attack was in virginia 17 months ago where two teenagers for rape walter kerr trading. >> this is not over but this is a relief for the victims. -- the most recent attack was when two teenagers were trick or treating. >> he would wear a mask or a hooded sweatshirt to hide his face. erin thomas grew up in virginia and went in price -- to high school in prince george's county, maryland. he has recently been living in new haven, connecticut. >> protesters were out in full force again taking aim at the government. they gathered in the capital of bahrain and p
. >> if they want him out, in the end, they may have to go get him. >> reporter: u.s. military forces are gathering in the mediterranean. two amphibious ships with 1200 marines are preparing for humanitarian missions but there are no apparent plans for the marines to go ashore. two descroirs and at least one submarine, all armed with cruise missiles, are ready to support possible no-fly zones but defense secretary gates has warned the no-fly option would require a substantial u.s. military commitment. >> let's just call a spade a spade-- a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. >> reporter: there's little appetite inside the administration administration for a "go it alone" attack. and while the u.n. may consider a no-fly zone there is no consensus. it seems to me that our strategy in part is we're just kind of hoping he goes away. >> well, and hope, of course, is not a strategy. >> reporter: michael sing, who worked middle east issues for the bush administration, says time is another enemy. as lib yoo veers toward a possible civil war, u.s. inaction may be seen as weakness. >> the u.s. reputa
the rebels in several key cities, u.s. aid arrives in tunisia for refugees fleeing the violence. the tragic death of a star high school athlete just moments after he leads his team to victory. and they call this the most dangerous eight seconds in sports. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama is keeping his exuberance in check over today's news about unemployment. he calls it progress. the unemployment rate-- 9% or higher for a record 21 months-- has finally dropped below that mark, falling last month to 8.9%. and the pace of hiring is picking up. the economy added 192,000 jobs. anthony mason is our senior business correspondent. anthony, the recession has been officially over for months now. finally it looks like the job market is catching up. >> reporter: after months of disappointingly weak numbers, katie, the labor market is finally flexing some muscle. in wisconsin this week, the oshkosh corporation was hiring 750 workers to make military vehicles. >>
that the nation's job market is improving inch by inch. the u.s. added 192,000 jobs last month. that's slightly better than expected. those new jobs were in the private sector, the number of government jobs was actually down. the labor department reports the overall jobless rate dipped to 8.9%. that's down from 9% in january. >>> a new photo has been released by the office of wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it's one of the last images taken of the congresswoman before she was shot in the head january 8th at a rally in tucson, arizona. the man in the photo, jim tucker, was shot twice in the rampage but he survived. giffords is continuing her rehab at a medical facility in houston, texas. the accused shooter, jared lee loughner, has now been indicted on 49 counts, including murder and attempted murder. >>> in north africa, it's now midnight in libya. ending a deadly day of fighting between pro-gadhafi troops and rebel forces in towns surrounding tripoli. the opposition claims victory in zawiya. an hour-long special is coming up at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >>> authorities
him. >> they have identified him as aaron thomas. u.s. marshals arrested him at his home friday afternoon. >> i did not know what was going on. >> the neighbors were shocked to learn that he faced sex assault, burglary, and weapons charges in connection with 17 attacks, including 12 rapes in virginia, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island. investigators say dna evidence was crucial in solving these cases. about 12 cases have been linked by dna to the same offender. >> acting on a tip, the fbi put him under surveillance a couple days ago. >> we confirmed that thomas was the east coast. this. and among the 12 cases, an 18- year-old woman raped in these woods. residents who live across the street are grateful. >> that is wonderful that our technology can do this. it is amazing. >> this is the sketch that the police have been circulating. they have not released a mug shot of thomas yet. they're hoping the victims will identify him in a lineup. he is doing court in connecticut on monday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >>> we are on storm watch. heavy rains are on the way. the rest of t
makers. >> in man who shot two u.s. servicemen was acting alone in frankfurt. captioned by the national captioning institute >> muammar gaddafi's forces are fighting rebels on several fronts. in the west security forces launched an offensive to retake one town. in tripoli, protesters took to the streets calling for the end of muammar gaddafi's rule. there have been no reports of injuries. heavily armed rebels clashed with muammar gaddafi's fors elsewhere. the head of the rebel council says the fighting will not stop until the opposition liberates the entire country. the rebels are preparing to march on tripoli. >> rebels under fire from khadafi = = -- gaddafi loyalists. this man screams he wants to murder his own people. this is the site of a key oil terminal. rebels fired a sustained brian shaw of artillery in an attempt to overrun a military base. fighting was also reported 200 kilometers to the east. loyalist forces are taking a position outside one city. rebels are manning anti-aircraft guns around the clock. >> we have had enough. we want progress and not a corru
. it 20-year-old u.s. marine corps lance corporal matthew snyder died in iraq, non-combat related. and 2006 as friends and family were bearing the marine members of the westboro baptist church of topeka kansas showed up to inform the world that his dad was god's punishment for this nation's tolerance of homosexuality. it held up signs that said, thank god for dead soldiers, and god hates the u.s.a. and thank god for 9/11. the core cause father sued members of the church, for among other things, at inflicting emotional distress. the jury awarded him $11 million and reduced, but the appeals court threw out the verdict and this week the supreme court ruled 8-1 that as hateful as the speech was, it is nevertheless predicted by the first amendment. as "the wall street journal" put it the other day, even jerks are protected by the first amendment. do you agree? >> the court agreed. remember the word and that the? -- empathy. you have candidate for mr. snyder but the course job is not necessarily to have empathy, but to say what the rules are that govern the country. essentially what the
, but you can just start printing money. the u.s. is not going to default on its debt. they know that. this is just all about -- >> they could lower your rating without defaulting. >> but it's ridiculous because the chances of us ever defaulting, the u.s. -- >> it's literally zero. >> do you think our debt rating could get lower? >> maybe they would. it would violate their own rules. the bottom line is, i know why states get lowered. i covered municipal bonds, because they can't print money. so it does matter where tax receipts are, where unemployment is, what's going on with the economy. the u.s. government, you know, i'm not advocating, can print money. that's a separate -- >> would that be compromised if we shut down? >> no, not at all. >> do you see my point? >> my point is if you shut down, maybe we can make some decisions about what is important to us. >> you know, the -- >> the economy did not go into a recession in the mid '90s! >> but people don't like it. most voters when you talk to -- i know we're kind of in the weeds and i like to see them shut down to really do something
you a rule of thumb, every 10 dollars on oil prices reduces growth in the u.s. by about two/10 to 3/10 of a percent so right now 10, 15 dollars in the last couple of months we're looking at growth maybe instead of 3.2 or 3.3, only 3%. but if it goes to 150, say, that's a whole different story or even higher. then i think we have reason to worry. >> so summing up, is it too soon to call it a turning point. how would you characterize it. >> i would say certainly the job situation is a turning point. i think we have seen this recovery now spread to the jobs market. there is this sort of cloud, thunder cloud on the horizon but if all goes well, and in fact some of the turmoil in the middle east sort of settles down, oil prices will come down and that particular source of risk, if you will, to the u.s. economy will dissipate. >> and lisa lynch what do you see, how would you characterize it and how many, if you get about 200,000 jobs this month, how many do we need and how long do we need to sustain it before you say okay, now it's real. >> so 200,000 jobs a month, if we continue to keep
the military back on campus. >>> a jammed gun prevented the gunman who opened fire this week u.s. airmen inier many from firing off more shots. investigators say this kosovo albanian suspect killed two airmen and wounded two others at the airport in frankfort after finding out the troops were heading to afghanistan. he aimed his gun at another airman, pulled his gun twice and nothing happened. that would be victim then chased the suspect into the airport where he helped capture him. the suspect reportedly claimed he wanted to kill americans as revenge for their involvement in the afghan war. >>> here in the united states, new developments in the case against the suspected fort hood shooter. the top u.s. commander recommended nidal malik hasan face a military trial and the death penalty for the massacre. the 40-year-old army psychiatrist charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted me meditated murder. this is the second time an army official has called for the death penalty in this case. hasan's attorney says he's disappointed with the recommendation and will raise
in the u.s. has jumped almost 40 cents a gallon. that's certainly pinching people in the wallet, but economists say it's not enough to derail a recovery. you'd have to see oil double in price for that to happen. you know, that's not impossible but it's highly unlikely at this point. >> couric: all right. anthony mason. anthony, thank you. now turning to libya and some of the fiercest battles yet as moammar qaddafi struck back today at the opposition. in tripoli, his forces quickly put down protests following friday prayers using tear gas and bullets. the state-owned phone company sent text messages calling on libyans to attack foreigners. and all internet service was cut. across the board her tunisia, the humanitarian crisis finally began to ease. two u.s. military planes delivered blankets and other supplies to foreign workers who had fled the fighting in libya. plans are being made to fly some of them to their home countries tomorrow. in eastern libya, a battle raged all day as opposition forces tried to capture a key oil town and qaddafi's air force bombed benghazi. mandy cla
afternoon. on the humanitarian side, the u.s. just announcing that it will give $3 million to a u.n. agency to help refugees who are trying to flee the fighting. part of that money will go to air lift foreign workers back to their home lands. on the battlefield, some of the fiercest fighting yet in this uprising. rebels in the city of zawia engaged in heavy combat with forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. at stake is control of the very strategic city. jonathan hunt is streaming live for us. >> the battle is raging on two fronts now, both east and west in libya. the fiercest fighting today was in that city of zawia. that's 30 miles west of tripoli. it is strategically important. colonel gadhafi seems determined to retake it from the rebels who have held control there for something like a week now. the army, the libyan army backed by mercenaries and militias, launched their initial assault at 6:00 a.m. this morning. they forced the rebels back into a small area, the very center of zawia. the rebels claim they took heavy casualties, but also say they beat back the libyan army which they say retre
. with the fighting escalating we're hearing more calls for a no-fly zone in libya but the u.s. is not exactly pushing for that at this moment. let's go to elise labott. why the hesitation? we keep hearing this talk about a no-fly zone. clearly if they're shooting down planes over there, the rebel forces, there's a lot to be said about air power. why the hesitation? >> well, a couple of things, tom. first of all, basically we had a very sober assessment from defense secretary gates this week saying let's be clear about what a no-fly zone is. a no-fly zone means military intervention. because by necessity, the u.s. and its partners that would act on this no-fly zone would have to take down the libyan air defenses. so is the u.s. and its allies ready to go in? not necessarily. they don't know if the situation on the ground is as bad, that would necessitate that kind of thing. and also there's not really a lot of international support for that, tom. we've seen at the united states security council not a lot of appetite where countries like russia or china who would have to sign on on any kind of authoriz
to you. >>> up next, the push for the u.s. to do more to stop the bloodshed in libya. the u.s. military coming under fire. one lawmaker blasting the pentagon. we'll talk it over with fareed za carria and bill richardson. ♪ [ male announcer ] sitting. waiting. hoping. that's a recipe for failed investing. open an e-trade account and open doors, seize opportunities, take action with some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use trading tools on the planet. all built to help you maximize the potential of every dollar you invest. successful investing isn't done by throwing ideas against the wall and hoping. it's done by lowering your costs and raising your expectations by using unbiased research and powerful screeners to build a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, mutual funds and every etf sold. and we'll help you every step of the way. with 5-star service and free education covering everything from the basics to advanced investing strategies. start now and we'll give you up to $500 and let you trade free for 60 days. visit our website, call us, open an account. e-trade. investing unle
in new haven by the u.s. marshals. the work is not over, but i think it's probably a relief for everyone including and probably especially the victims. and we're relieved, too, because hopefully now there won't be any more victims out there. >> that was a sergeant from prince william county, virginia. dna evidence links an attack there in 2009 to similar cases in this investigation. as we said, we'll be watching the news conference this hour, and we'll bring you any new developments when we get them. >>> let's move to the budget battle in wisconsin. many are watching how this plays out as they look for ways to cut their own budgets. governor scott walker sent out warning letter to unions saying massive layoffs are coming in april if no deal is reached on a new budget. senate democrats are blocking a vote on the controversial budget which would eliminate most collective bargaining right for state employees. >> when they realize we're not doing this as a threat or a pawn in a chess game, we're doing this because we're legally obligated to inform our employees by virtue of their contract th
% for the first time in almost two years. >> tom: can the hiring continue? the outlook for the u.s. job market from two top economists. you're watching "nightly business report" for friday, march 4. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening, everyone. finally we got some good news today about the job market: strong business hiring in february. but tom, that was overshadowed by a big jump in oil prices. >> tom: susie, oil prices surged again today as anti-government protests continued in libya, bahrain and yemen. april crude futures now stand at $104 a barrel up $2.50 to more than a two-year high. but on the bright side, american businesses added 192,000 jobs in february-- the fastest pace of hiring since last may. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%-- the third straight monthly decline. >> susie: from wall street to main street, everyone's trying to figure out if the wo
on the hunt for 14 years. u.s. marital shalls think they've caught -- u.s. marshals think they've caught the infamous east coast rapist. after all these years police are saying they have the guy responsible >> julie: 12 years, digital media and a tip led police to the capture of the alleged east coast rapist. 39-year-old aaron thompson. electronic billboards and website brought in leads. it was someone who knew the suspect that led authorities to finally nabbing him. detectives picked up one of his discarded cigarette butts and had it tested. it was later discovered the dna was a match. thomas is believed responsible for rapes and other attacks on 17 women since 1997. he's been working as a trucker and taken into custody in connecticut by a multi-tate task force, formed to bring him in. -- multi-state task force, formed to bring him in. >> investigators worked tirelessly on this case this was a joint collaboration on all levels. we are proud of our investigation and hope the arrest of aaronç thomas brings some closure to our victims in our communities. >> billboards featuring sketches
. the sheriff's department said they arrested seven other people on unrelated charges. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate fell in february to its lowest level in nearly 2 . the jobless rate is 8.9%. the u.s. economy gained 192,000 jobs last month. california gained jobs as well mostly in construction and manufacturing. employers say the labor market may have finally turned the corner. >> last month we saw a big up serge and now up about 50% over where we were last year. we're getting a lot of forward orders for two or three month frs now, and there is more confidence that they're letting us know ahead of time. >> california's next job reporte out in 2 weeks. >>> change might be coming to our wallet. a government watch dog agency is pushing for the u.s. to phase out $1 bills. reeta williams live where why the switch might put more money into the pockets of tax pairs. >> gasia, they say doing away we dollar bill and replacing it with coins could save uncle sam a lot of money. >> how do you feel about that? >> we're all for it. we would love to have the dollar bill go away. >> matt bowers says that the
next. >> this one makes your blood boil, makes my blood boil and wood. 20-year-old u.s. marine corps lance corporal matthew snyder died in iraq, non-combat related. in 2006 when friends and family were bearing him, members of the westboro baptist church of topeka, kansas, showed up to inform the world that the lambs " was that was god's punishment for this nation's tolerance for homosexual. they held up signs that said, thank god for dead soldiers. thank god for 9/11. corporal snyder's father sued the church for inflicting emotional distress, among other things. a baltimore jury awarded him $11 million, later reduced to five and an appeals court threw out the verdict and this week the supreme court ruled 8-1 has heard all as the speech was, it was another last protected by the first amendment. as "the wall street journal" put it the other day, even jurors are protected by the first amendment. did you agree, nina question of >> the occurred agreed. remember the word empathy? you have empathy for mr. snyder, but the court's job is not necessarily to have empathy but to say what the rul
are presenting. after you left the military, what prompted you to go back to a place where the u.s. is engaged in military action? >> it is interesting. the population of afghanistan is around 29 million, and there's probably no more than 80,000 u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan right now, but if you look at the stories that come out, you think the numbers are completely reversed. all the stories are about americans, and you see almost no images of stories about the afghan people themselves, so if you look at the dominant representational paradigm uc today, it is all about foreign soldiers. my idea was to try incurred counted to that a popularized narrative and focus on images and stories that really reflect that lived experience of conflict through the eyes of the afghan people. >> you are exhibiting with three other photographers. it is true all three of them have really focused in the areas where a lot of u.s. and allied forces are seeing action, are actually involved in combat, so your story is different than theirs. what does it mean to show your body of work along side of the stories
where the u.s. constitution prevailed, there were no state borders for him to hide behind. >> brett: florida supreme court upheld republican governor's scott's decision to reject federal funding for a high speed rail project. the plan would have left taxpayers liable for billions in cost overruns. transportation department says it's evaluating option forgiving the $2.5 billion to other states. >>> president obama is attending a pair of fund-raisers in miami. mike emanuel tells us more. >> reporter: president obama joined former governor jeb bush to put the spotlight on education reform. miami central high school is considered a poster child for fixing schools. >> for outstanding teachers and principals, a common mission, a culture of high expectations, that is what it takes to turn a school around. >> reporter: they give jeb bush for his reform efforts including public and private school choice greater trans and accountability and better pay for better teachers. but in difficult fiscal times, the new governor rick scott showing shown here greeting the president here today, is losing
. >>> a u.s. service member says he is being discharged without basis. the navy says the 21-year-old petty officer steven jones performed unprofessional when he and another male sailor found sleeping in the same bed. jones says the navy is trying to get around the now repealed don't ask, don't tell policy. >>> a convicted sex offender suing the mother of one of his alleged victims saying she published negative things about him on her blog. >> audacity that the person that abused my child and changed the course of our family and our life was suing us. >> that's danielle schneider, the convicted sex offender pleaded guilty four years ago to contact with a child for immoral purposes. the man's lawyer refused to stop the suit. cnn did reach out to the attorney and so far no comment. >>> a federal grand jury in arizona has expanded the list of charges against jared lee loughner to 49. they include murder and attempted murder. he's the man officials believe to have killed six people and wounded 13 others in attempt to assassinate congresswoman gabrielle giffords. take a look. this picture was re
-faced as threat piled on threat. instability in the mediterranean. attacks on the u.s. 6th fletd and an end to western oil contracts. then, as dramatic as his entrance, his exit no less theatrical. driven away in a golf cart. security men bouncing journalists and supporters out of the way. this is the scene after he's left. he's just gone out of building five minutes ago. the nice flower arrangement trampled over there by the hoards of people trying to get close to him. it's just a tidy up now. his message at the end very clear. this situation cannot go on, we will have to do something about it. and a message for the united states as well. if you're thinking of coming in to libya, we are ready for the challenge. nic robertson, cnn, tripoli, libya. >>> president obama put gadhafi and his forces on notice this week. his message, step down and stop the bloodshed or you will all be held accountable. the president spoke about the situation in libya during a news conference with the president of mexico. he offered new help for refugees along with strong words for gadhafi. >> colonel gadhafi needs
at just 20 years old she became police chief in one of the most violent towns on the u.s./mexico border. now she's not been seen for several days. a mexican newspaper reports that she's fled to the u.s. for safety. the mayor of her town says, no, she's on personal leave. we have no way of knowing which one is true. >>> libya, a transition council has formed not in tripoli but to the east in benghazi, which is held by rebels. the new council calls itself the only legitimate government in libya. this is big news. we'll have more on that in just a second. >>> and the nfl players and owners have another week to hammer out a labor agreement. both sides say in fact they're still talking and that's a hopeful sign. >>> there really are two libyas today. the chaotic libya of the present and the unknown of tomorrow. it's that tomorrow libya that we're talking about now. while officials from all over the world weigh options aimed at ending the violence and removing moammar gadhafi from power, the seeds of a transitional government may be germinating this weekend. an interim council centered in ben
security dependence, dependent on its enemies by relying on the saudis to play april u.s. role in the oil market. and endangered our economy but allowing the saudis to buy an ever larger share of our ever more out of federal debt. in addition, the status quo the past 30 years have built a highly effective lobby and the united states, which is as pernicious, effective and corrupting asp ipad, but more quiet and subtle. this lobby employs former u.s. ambassadors, generals, and seniors, senior intelligence officers to argue its case in the white house, the congress, and the media. especially in "the wall street journal." and needless to say, this lobby's work is enthusiastically assisted by our oil and arms making corporations whose concerns have less to do with u.s. security and in making sure they keep their seats on the saudi gravy train. that is come even now hauling away another $60 billion worth of us-made arms. due to these factors, u.s. leaders never tell americans the truth about the conduct, which is that since the 1970s oil boom started an enormous transfer of western wealth to th
across the bay area tomorrow night also as we head into sunday. >>> it was a bad day for u.s. rocket scientists after one spacecraft crashed and the take off of another was canceled. protective nose cone covering the nose failed to open. makes it too heavy and forcing it to fall into the ocean. >>> the x37b satellite is a mini space shut that will can fly back to earth and be reused for other missions. government officials say they will try again tomorrow to launch the spacecraft. >>> new information tonight of one about 15% of all bay area families say they couldn't afford last year. >>> back from the brink, what nfl team owners and the players union agreed to today. >>> and it's a packed freeway for this friday night get away. and gas prices are on the move as well. we'll show you what happened in just the past 24 hours. >>> flu at --- new at 6:00, the unlikely odds a high school team overcame. and what all they want now are jackets. >>> and a sacrifice to help keep you safe. >>> a napa state hospital patient accuse of the attempted rape of a hospital nurse wednesday made his first
sides digging in. the colonel and the rebels. what if anything should the u.s. do now? >>> the latest singer to give back the gadhafi money. >>> the cold case cracked, the man who targeted women for more than a decade and the one simple move this week that got him caught. >>> made in america. thousands of you writing in from the firefighter's uniform to the kindergarten class to the discovery at the golden gate bridge. what all of you found. >>> good evening on this saturday. like clock work, the spike in twisters we see every year when we start the month of march returned in devastating force. one tearing through a louisiana town flipping a mail truck like a toy. snapping utility poles. the power is out tonight in more than 100 homes damaged. we've now learned of one death, a mother trying to save her child. the tornado is part of a massive storm system. there are flood warnings and watches in 20 states from the mississippi river to the hudson river. meteorologist chikage windler leads us off. >> reporter: three suspected tornados touched down within 15 minutes of each other in south
has lost the legitimacy to lead and he must leave. gwen: but what can the u.s. do to make it happen? sanctions, navy ships, no-fly zone, all being debated but the bloodshed continues. at home there's no blood but it's a standoff all the same. >> the best way to govern is quit spending more money than we take in. >> we need to cut spending. >> we also believe those cuts must be smart and targeted. gwen: congress gets a two-week reprieve to approve a budget but the underlying fight is far from over. and at the supreme court, a near-unanimous vote that flies in the face of public opinion. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. gwen: testing the limits of free speech. covering the week, james kitfield of national journal, john harwood of cnbc and "the new york times," and joan biskupic of "usa today." >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produced in association with national journal. corporate funding for "washington week" is provide
. a tip led use -- u.s. marshals to aaron thomas. a discarded cigarette butt matched d.n.a. from a reeveous rapist. the first rape was in maryland, 1987. a man on a bike raped a 25-year-old woman as she walked home from work. two teenagers were raped while trick-or-treating on halloween. kai reed. wbal-tv 11 news. >> aaron thomas grew up in virginia, went to high school in prince george's county, maryland, and has recently been living in new haven, connecticut. we expect to learn more about the case, and a news conference has been set. >> an arrest on a 61-year-old woman that was attacked thursday night. ennis beat the woman while robbing her of her purse and car. the victim is in critical but stable condition at shock trauma. innis was sentenced to 10 years in prison after an armed robbery conviction back in 2002. >> in north africa, an alleged secret bunker has been discovered by opponents of libya's embattled leader muammar gaddafi. meanwhile, one of his son's is acknowledging the unrest. as the uprising continues, an international relief effort is underway for those fleeing t
for the u.s. to do more to stop the bloodshed in libya. the u.s. military coming under fire. one lawmaker blasting the pentagon. we'll talk it over with fareed za carria and bill richardson. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®. for adults, stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®, your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, or have had cancer. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell
to be saved. they're concerned about what is going to happen in the future. in the u.s., they're not concerned so they lobby in a different direction. >> thank you. i will ask one more question. this is my second round. if you fast forward to today and look at the other end of the buchan, march 4, 2011, problems we have now, the chair has described moral hazard and the like. we talked about that. what did you do? i can anticipate your answers as i think you've given them, just to make it very clear on the record, what would you recommend march 4, 2011? >> briefly, first, i want to emphasize the things we have said. one, you need more capital. and that you need increasing capital has to be with the size of the bank's, the risk of too big to fail. it has to be that this distortion has to be eliminated. secondly, if you have a problem, you should play by the ordinary rules of capitalism. when you go into bankruptcy, you convert that to equity. it is really a version of the standard rules of capitalism. you look at the numbers back in citibank, they had enough long- term capital it was more than e
fled to the u.s. for safety. the mayor of her town says that's not so. he says she is on personal leave. we don't have proof of where she is. police officers and mayors in the region are frequently targeted for drug cartels. >>> there's hope for a deal between the nfl and players. they agreed yesterday to extend a deal for a labor agreement until march 11th. >> there's a commitment from both sides to engage in another round of negotiations at the request of the mediation service. we look forward to a deal coming out of that. >> this is going to get resolved through negotiations, not through litigation. >>> there's a lot on the table. they're trying to figure out how to hack up $9 billion in revenue. if no deal is reached, the players will be locked out. >>> in michigan, a day of mourning. 16-year-old wes leonard collapsed, that's him, number 35 as the high school basketball team celebrating a big win. just moments before, the star athlete made the game-winning shot ending a perfect 20-game season. doctors trying to revive him for nearly an hour and a half before being pronounced dead of
saif. is there any indication from him that his father plans to step down at any point as the u.s. government is telling him to do so? >> reporter: i asked him exactly that. i said president obama has said your father lost the confidence of the people and he needs to step down. and he says the country needs him. he said, you know, if he was to go now and the government was to collapse, then the country would just turn into something like somalia. he's indicating moammar gadhafi is not going to step down. and the government is going to continue with its fight, he said. going to get to any reform, political agenda, meet the demand until the government's taken full control of the country, randi. >> and what about this strategic battle he talked about for the oil refineries? where does that stand? and what did he tell you about that? >> reporter: he said heir goith push to continue. the battle west of tripoli right now in zawiya and the battle in the east around brega, that area. he said these are battles that the government can easily win and they will win them. and contrary to what
ties to northern virginia. police in new haven, connecticut say u.s. marshals arrested the suspected east coast rapist on a city street friday afternoon without incident. in december of 2009 investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first-degree, burglary in the first-degree and risk of injury to a minor with a one million dollars cash bond. he was charged as a fugitive for justice in the prince william county case with charges of two counts of rape, abduction and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first-degree. >> reporter: the prince william county case is the most recent. hahn 2009 three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighborhood then accosted by a man with a gun and marched into nearby woods. develop raped. recently police established billboards in an effort to spark leads. it apparently worked. a tipster called. thomas was tailed. when
bernanke and the fed has been flushing into the u.s. economy at some point, that does ignite inflation, and we're not just seeing that in oil prices. stuart, we are seeing that last week the highest wheat prices in history, airlines, just this week end declared they are raising prices again and they are starting to see that specter of inflation and one last point, if i may, what this is starting to remind me a little of, and i almost hate to say this, is that dreaded wore, stagflation. of the 1970s, which as you remember, high unemployment, and rising inflation, at the same time. >> all right, dan, what do you say? >> well, you know, the president of the european central bank, claude trichet, has also been watching these prices and the europeans tending to more skit, about inflation than we are -- skittish about inflation than we are and has done damage to the economies there over the past several decade and he said he's concerned the higher food and fuel prices are feeding into general inflation and the fed doesn't regard commodities which occasionally spike, seasonally, as part of ge
hard in the wallet here in the u.s.. oil prices surging to levels not seen in more than two years. gas prices spiking more than 30 cents. some folks paying more than four bucks a gallon. those numbers have some here worrying it is going to wreck america's already fragile economy. the shrugs? cut the federal gas tax. would that work? welcome to forbes on fox. we have mr. steve forbes, lindsey mcdonald, dennis neil. rich, let's start with you. >> one month ago this economic recovery was starting to look durable and american consumer confidence was the highest since the recession. now today, because oil has gone up $15 a barrel and gas has gone up 30 cents a gallon the economy looks more from jim. you can project 100 billion dollars of commerce will -- vanish just on the price of oil in administration needs to do anything possible to keep the price of energy low, including a temporary halting of the federal gas tax. >> david: neil, at least a temporary halting of the gas tax. >> sounds ridiculous. i don't think there's any coincidence that we have the lowest tax on gas in the developed wo
in connecticut. and today the u.s. marshall service apprehended him. >> reporter: policing picked up a cigarette that was tossed into the street. the dna from the signature vet a match from an investigation that involves on assault from 17 known and suspected victims. the first assault occurred in 1997 in forestville, maryland. the most recent was the gunpoint assault of two teenage girls in 2009 behind a shopping center in woodbridge, virginia. >> we decided we needed to have a task force so we could put our resource together. >> reporter: sketches of suspect are on billboards in connecticut, maryland, rhode island and virginia. states where tay tax occurred. the website reports thomas has been charged in prince william county. news 4's calls to the commonwealth attorney has not been returned. >>> a 13-year-old boy is facing extortion charges and he's accused of making a death threat. police made the arrest yesterday in annandale. the boy is a student at poe middle school. police believe the incident began when another student was involved in a fight after school and the suspect said he would p
to obtain warrants for a suspect and today, the u.s. marshalls apprehended him. >> reporter: they followed the man in downtown new haven. when he threw a cigarette butt in the street, police and u.s. marshalls carefully picked it up and sent it for dna testing. they say it is a match from evidence recovered from an investigate that involves assaults on 17 known and suspected victims. the first crime occurred in 1997 in forestville, maryland. the most recent was the terrifying gunpoint sexual assault on halloween, 2009 behind a shopping center in woodbridge, virginia. >> we decided we needed to have a task force so all the detectives and agencies could communicate and put the resources and cases together. >> reporter: sketches of the suspect in maryland, virginia, and virginia, states where the attacks occurred. >>> the website, report that he has already been charged in the commonwealth. > >>> 6:02. 40 degrees outside. i thought it was warmer. >> it feels warmer than yesterday because the moisture is higher. yesterday, crisp, dry air. you probably noticed clouds sneaking in.
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